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11 Şubat 2024 - 18:49



Dominator: Yachts Where Luxury and Performance Meet!

Dominator is a yacht brand working with world-class designers and engineers who set ambitious goals for excellence, style, performance and comfort.

Created with a unique combination of advanced technology and superior workmanship, Dominator yachts are specially designed for their owners and produced in line with their purposes. Dominator is dedicated to the process of excellence, raising the bar higher every day to produce yachts that are perfect in every way. Beyond standard designs, it offers personalized options, allowing customers to create their own vision of heaven. Dominator is a special vessel that takes the yacht ownership experience to a new level.

Alberto Mancini – Designer Offering the highest level of combination of design, performance, luxury amenities and comfort, we designed Dominator Ilumen to exceed customers’ expectations. We meet the demand for an elegant motor yacht by combining classic yachting tradition with modern technology and design.

Mag. Angela Pernsteiner – Managing Partner Dominator Ilumen yachts can be personalized from start to finish, from the selection of the hull to the engineering of the interior spaces. Every detail has been specially designed to provide our customers with a unique experience.

Andrea Agusta – Head of Engineering The mega yacht solutions offered by Ilumen are integrated with high technology and quality materials. Every detail reveals Ilumen’s difference and offers a unique experience.